Rajat Sharma

Army has taught the right lesson to stone pelters

The video of a stone pelter tied to an army jeep bonnet in Kashmir has been circulated by former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on social media. He and his supporters may describe this as an excess and violation of human rights, but I want to tell these people that the army has done the right thing in teaching stone pelters a lesson in this manner. Those raising question of human right violations should first look at the earlier video of a CRPF jawan being heckled and beaten up by street goons. The CRPF jawan had an AK47 rifle with him, but he exercised utmost restraint because he had orders from the top not to use force during polls. Politicians like Omar Abdullah should first react to this video before raising the issue of ‘human shield’. He should appreciate the restraint shown by the Army in avoiding casualties by carrying out this act. My message to the youths of Kashmir is: the Army is there for your protection, but if you misbehave with our jawans at the instigation of agent provocateurs, then you should be ready to face the consequences.

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