Rajat Sharma

Army Chief Gen. Rawat’s effort is praiseworthy

The new Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat on Friday promptly reacted to an army Lance Naik’s video in which he had aired his grievance. Since the issue was sensitive, the army chief reacted with sympathy saying he was the head of the 12-lakh strong family of Indian Army, and as the family head, he would try to solve problems and grievances within his ranks. He said, such grievances should be heard and the problems must be solved, but it would be better if such issues remain within the family, and are sorted out from within. The general’s reaction was truly praiseworthy, and he did not react with arrogance at all. Few people know that Gen. Rawat has done Ph.D in military-media strategic studies, and he has said he would try to bridge what he called the ‘communication gap’. One should hope that given the general’s expertise, his advice would percolate down to all ranks and the recent trend of posting videos of grievances on social media will stop.

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