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Bengal elections result

Mamata Banerjee has witnessed the Left Front rule in Bengal for 34 years and in these 34 years she fiercely fought against them in the streets. Gradually she wrested power from them and formed the government and soon mastered the art of governing the state. This time she applied the same formula to even defeat the Left. Even the weak Left-Congress alliance went in her favour. The third important factor was the constant negative campaigning against her which helped Mamata garner sympathy from the electorate. And finally the fourth important factor behind her win is the lack of BJP’s presence as a formidable force in Bengal which ensured Mamata Banerjee winning by a thumping two thirds majority in the Assembly polls this time.

Assam Elections result

Amit Shah and Narendra Modi would have been in big trouble had they lost Assam. After having lost Delhi and Bihar, there were some murmurs of dissent from within the party which will stop for the time being. Now all will depend on the upcoming assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh which would be led by none other than Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. Fortunately the Assam victory has now further strengthened their leadership.


The Congress Party has ruled the nation for 60 years, naturally most of the schemes and policies implemented during their rule have been named after Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. However there is no point is blaming the Congress alone. Whether it is Mulayam Singh, Karunanidhi or Mayawati after having assumed power, have always named the schemes implemented by them after their leaders – whether they are building roads or building parks. Mayawati has even got her own statues built. Such practices are certainly not acceptable and need to be abolished.

Sadhvi Pragya

Sadhvi Pragya’s outrage is understandable. Investigative agencies have said that she was implicated to give credence to ‘saffron terror’ and there is no evidence against her. Despite being innocent, she was imprisoned for 8 years. She was termed anti national. But who is responsible for this? Some say that those investigating officers responsible for her harassment should be tried however since it was more of a political decision to arrest Sadhvi Pragya. Those political leaders involved should therefore be held responsible.


Dr Subramanian Swamy is not the only one who has expressed displeasure against RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan. Within the Government too there are a few Ministers who are of the opinion that Raghuram Rajan has not only hurt the Economy but also the RBI itself. There are some who have even raised objections to Rajan’s comparison of the Indian economy to that of a ‘one-eyed man’ being a king in the land of the blind. In any case, the RBI Governor’s term is ending in September this year and with only four months left, Dr Subramanian Swamy and the others should wait a while and exercise restraint before making such statements


Social media has certain inherent problems. Often certain comments made by some people become a point of discussion but to what extent should there be a public discourse at all on such comments? Is it feasible to cross a certain limit especially when it comes to comments made about the country’s Prime Minister? Congress leader Rashid Alvi realised the gravity of the situation when his comments triggered off a massive reaction on social media forcing him to clarify that he was only expressing his disapproval of Google and referring to the removal of such remarks about the PM from the search engine.

Rocky update

It’s Lalu Yadav’s government in Bihar… Tejashwi Yadav is the Deputy Chief Minister… Therefore, it’s his responsibility to defend his own government…But a number of questions are being raised over the way the Bihar Police is investigating this case…First of all, the police did not seek the remand of Rocky Yadav…After it was criticised, the police sought his remand from court…Even after the remand was granted by the court, the police did not took him on remand for interrogation…What is the reason behind that?…This is something only Bihar Police can answer…Now comes the second question…Why did the police threw Aditya’s blood soaked clothes in the dustbin outside the post-mortem room?… Could the clothes not have been used as evidence in this case?…In view of these facts, the apprehensions of Aditya’s family members that the murderers of their son will not get punishment gets credence. ..They feel that a ground is being prepared to save Rocky and that a CBI enquiry should be ordered in this case.

Rocky update

It seems that the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar got carried away while defending the government on the issue of ‘Jungle raj’. It’s a bit strange that Bihar’s Deputy CM compared Rocky Yadav’s firing incident with that of Pathankot terror attacks. While defending his government on charges of ‘jungle raj’, perhaps he forgot the difference between the bullets of a criminal and a terrorist. But Tejaswi Yadav’s statement can be ignored by saying that he is still new to politics. He lacks experience and needs to learn a lot more from his father Lalu Yadav.

Uttarakhand Govt

Congress leaders will speak out because it’s the opportune time for them. Irrespective of whether BJP leaders agree or not, the truth is that the party’s strategy has failed in Uttarakhand. They did not achieve anything et al.Harish Rawat succeeded in storming back to power… even the public’s sympathy is with Harish Rawat…Now, Harish Rawat will take full advantage of this and it seems that he’ll go for early elections after dissolving the Assembly and it will further add to the problems of the BJP.

Arun Jaitley Supreme Court

It’s a matter of big concern for Parliament and bureaucracy that Supreme Court as well as High Courts have given instructions to them in many cases. Such instructions have direct impact on the working of elected governments.Arun Jaitley hinted towards the same concern on Wednesday. The court asked the government on Wednesday to create a ‘Disaster Fund’.Arun Jaitley’s difficulty is understandable that after passage of the ‘Appropriation Bill’, from where would he arrange the money for ‘Disaster Fund’? It seems that Arun Jaitley’s unhappiness got manifested in Rajya Sabha because of the same court order.However, irrespective of the reason, Arun Jaitley’s statement will be seen in the context of Supreme Court’s decision on Uttarakhand.

Bilawal PoK

One thing is very clear that Bilawal Bhutto is trying to incite the sentiments of PoK voters by taking the name of Narendra Modi. It’s part of a well-thought-out strategy.He was reading a written speech. He read a few sentences and then started speaking loudly. He made an impassioned speech…And mentioned Narendra Modi 20 times in the entire speech. This is all about immaturity and naivety. But this strategy is being used to defeat Nawaz Sharif.

Uttarakhand floor test

Uttarakhand has exposed the ugly face of the politics in last 53 days…Neither BJP nor Congress is flawless or beyond reproach…Both tried to lure MLAs…They used all the tricks in the book – inducements, money as well as pressure….The final decision will be pronounced in the Supreme Court on Wednesday… Harish Rawat will once again become the Chief Minister…The BJP leaders should learn from Harish Rawat that the public does not appreciate unnecessary aggression…Maintaining restraint while speaking is always beneficial irrespective of whether it’s your good time or bad time…