Rajat Sharma

My Opinion

Rahul Gandhi in Parliament

What Rahul Gandhi raised in Parliament today is a repeat of what he had already mentioned at public gatherings in Kerala and Assam. His speech sounded more like a public meeting speech. He spoke about the Naga Accord, the issue of Black Money, of unemployment, MGNREGA and hit out at the PM for betraying people on rising prices. His speech was centred around attacking and mocking Narendra Modi. Rahul instead should have come forward with facts and figures before attacking the Prime Minister. He should have had pointed questions for the Prime Minister. This would have instead not given Modi’s ministers the opportunity to easily tackle each and every of his accusations.

Karti Chidambaram controversy

Two things stand out in this entire Karti Chidambaram controversy. After a long time the BJP finally seems to have got the much needed fodder to go on the offensive and Congress which is now on the defensive is clearly having to justify itself. And secondly it is worth mentioning that many within the Congress are opposed to P Chidambaram and are therefore keen to rake up old issues. This appears to be a bigger embarrassment for the Congress.