Rajat Sharma

My Opinion


The Jat reservation issue is nothing new. Every time there is an agitation, there are scenes of arson, of violence, roads getting blocked, trains being stopped and there is widespread damage to property and several lives are even lost in a tussle that follows. Normal life is completely thrown out of gear. The sick are unable to reach the hospital on time, people get stranded for hours, children are unable to go to school and public property is damaged. Those who are spearheading these protests must realise that this is not a political issue, this is a legal issue. Even if the government were to agree to the quota and a legislation is passed by the government, it would get rejected by the Court since it would go against the 50% cap laid down by the Supreme Court. The Jat leaders should therefore consider engaging with government and come to an understanding instead of disrupting normal life and causing inconvenience to the common people.

Kanhaiya update

This issue is not about Kanhaiya or about JNU. This is about the Nation. Kanhaiya ofcourse has clarified his stand over the matter, which is a good thing. Even the student wings like the SFI and AISF have condemned those raising anti India slogans. But such similar incidents have happened in JNU in the past but somehow the JNU administration turned a blind eye towards them. Perhaps if they had adopted a tough stance then, things would not have assumed such proportions. The need of the hour is to first find out the mastermind behind such anti India sentiments, find out who is responsible for spreading such divisive ideology amongst students in the garb of freedom of expression.

Advocates vs Journalists

Those who are lawyers should realise that they have committed a crime no less than those who raised anti national slogans. They forget that by abusing and indulging in such acts of lawlessness, they are defeating the very cause for which they claim they are fighting for. Had it just been restricted to opposing those raising anti India slogans, these lawyers would not have incurred the wrath of the people but by misbehaving with the media and others at the Court premises not only have to managed to dishonour their profession as lawyers but have also managed to divert the attention from the real issue.

JNU Update

We all unanimously agree that it is wrong to raise anti India slogans. One can never support slogans that talk of dividing the nation. However there is a difference in opinion in the manner in which those raising anti India slogans should be dealt with. While some feel that they should be dealt with in the strictest of manner and booked under sedition, there are others who feel that they are the country’s youth and therefore need to be handled somewhat differently. I am of the opinion that both the options are viable. On the one hand the police should be allowed to take action against those raising slogans against the country and on the other hand it is equally important to discuss and debate with those who seem to have been misled and have thereby lost track

JNU video

Those who have known Kanhaiya Kumar for years vouch for the fact that the boy from Begusarai may have left leaning ideas but that does not mean he is an anti national or can even talk about dividing the country. On the contrary the conviction with which the Delhi Police Commissioner has spoken, could perhaps prove that there is an element of truth about Kanhaiya Kumar. However Kanhaiya himself hasn’t denied that he was not be present at the gathering where anti India slogans were being raised but whether he was part of that sloganeering will depend on the evidences which the Delhi Police claim they have. One would have to have faith on what the Court will decide based upon these evidences placed before it.

Court scuffle

The unruly scenes that were witnessed outside the Patiala court is indeed shameful. Such malicious behaviour whether exhibited by lawyers or any MLA needs to be condemned. This is against any democratic norms. Whether they are committed against journalists or JNU students, one cannot support such behaviour and in a civil society, there can never be any place for such acts of vandalism.

IB Report

If raising anti India slogans and declaring a terrorist as a martyr, the question that comes to mind is, if this doesn’t call for action then what does? That a University is being used for planning such activities is a matter of grave concern. The issue is not about why the police had to intervene or whether this is about freedom of expression, the far more serious issue is about the country’s unity and integrity. No party should indulge in any politics whatsoever because a nation always comes above everything else.


In our country people have the right to freedom of speech but freedom does not encompass the liberty to raise anti India slogans or for that matter support terrorists and declare them as martyrs. Anybody disrespecting the nation belonging to any political party or any ideology, must be dealt with in the strictest manner. On grounds of patriotism, the question of indulging in petty politics can never arise.

Hanumanthappa update

The entire nation is concerned about Lance Naik Hanumanthappa. Prayers are being offered for him at Ujjain, at the Siddhivinayak Temple, at Nasik, at Allahabad, at Haridwar, at Varanasi –- almost everyone is praying hard for his recovery. We are all hopeful that our prayers will be heard and Hanumanthappa will be fine and once again be fit to join the battle front.

Headley statement

Ujjwal Nikam claims that he has documentary proof of the 26/11 attack. He is certain that Headley will reveal lot more when he is able to question Headley on the attacks during his deposition. Perhaps Ujjwal Nikam would be able to convince the court that Headley is an important link and can be relied upon as a source of crucial information. However the question is not about evidence or about the veracity of it, rather the question here is about intent. It is about Pakistan’s commitment. It finally boils down to whether or not Pakistan’s is willing to accept such critical information!

Latest on Bengaluru Tanzanian student attack

It is more or less clear that this is not a racist attack but such a gruesome incident is a matter of serious concern. Such incidents tarnish our country’s image. Those involved in the crime need to be given the harshest punishment to set an example for others. Although Sushma Swaraj has immediately reacted to this incident and expressed her anguish. She has directed a team from the Ministry of External Affairs to visit Bengaluru. Under no circumstances the culprits should be allowed to scot free.


There are certain dos and don’ts that need to be followed inside an aircraft especially where security issues are concerned however certain rules can be a little less rigid for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Surely the cabin crew could have been let off with a warning since their act of allowing Sonu Nigam to an impromptu performance mid air does not warrant a suspension. Sometimes a certain leeway should be granted and besides it was only a chartered flight. But both the DGCA and Jet Airways have blown the issue out of proportion!