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Shiv Sena Vs BJP

The Shiv Sena has always been a formidable force in Maharashtra politics and the BJP has had to play second fiddle to it. Equations changed last year when in the Assembly Elections, BJP stole a march over Shiv Sena with a resounding win. The Shiv Sena was no longer the “big brother” and till date the party is yet to digest this change of power play. Not surprisingly its leaders like Uddhav Thackeray and Sanjay Raut have been repeatedly lashing out at the BJP. Their agony was quite apparent today when both these leaders made a vicious attack on the government. It could be a while before Shiv Sena is finally able to accept its nominal role.

Pulse price

It was known well in advance that due to drought like conditions, production of pulses would take a hit and would subsequently result in rising prices and black marketeering. Not just the Central government failed to take stock of the situation, even the state governments failed in their responsibilities. The government should have imported enough pulses to prevent a shortage and the state governments should taken steps to curb hoarding – all this with a bit of forward planning. And now when the situation has become grim, the Centre and the States are bent upon blaming each other. This crisis could have well been averted had the Centre and the States planned better.

Faridabad story update

The horrific killings of the two children at the Sunpedh village in Faridabad are result of a long standing feud between two families. A feud that had resulted in the murder of 3 people in 2014. Last year when the killings took place it was a Congress government in Haryana and this time it is a BJP ruled state. However this incident is not a result of any political upheaval but is more of a social issue. It is a grim reminder of what revenge killing is all about. And cutting across party lines, politicians should refrain from playing petty politics over this issue.

Indo Pak series off

PCB chairman Shahryar Khan feels that the BCCI has buckled under certain “pressures”…the Shiv Sena of course is only too pleased that its protests have helped stall a possible Indo-Pak cricket series. However as reported in the Pak media, the series seems very unlikely when BCCI Secretary Anurag Thakur clearly mentioned that bilateral cricketing ties can resume only when the Government gives a go ahead. The Government in no uncertain terms has said that the conditions currently are not conducive enough to have any cricket matches between the two countries.

Virender Sehwag’s retirement

As Virender Sehwag announced his retirement, there is no doubt that his stupendous performance will be forever be remembered in the history of cricket. With two triple centuries in Test cricket and a double century in ODI, Sehwag excelled in all formats in his explosive style. Perhaps the biggest tribute came from the Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who compared him to the legendary Vivian Richards when he tweeted “Didn’t see Viv Richards bat in person but I can proudly say I have witnessed Virender Sehwag tearing apart the best bowling attacks”.

Shiv Sena protest

The question is why is the Shiv Sena repeatedly raking up the issue of Pakistan? After Ghulam Ali incurred their wrath, Pakistan’s former Foreign Minister Khurshid Kasuri had to face their onslaught. And today there were dramatic protests over talks between BCCI’s Shashank Manohar and the PCB Chairman Mr Shahryar Khan. Its dwindling support base and not being accorded enough importance in the State Government, is probably the reason that is prompting the Shiv Sena to hog the headlines through its anti Pakistan histrionics.

President on intolerance

President Pranab Mukherjee once again raised the issue of growing intolerance in the country. Infact a fortnight ago when he had spoken out against disruption of communal harmony, it had prompted even Narendra Modi to endorse him and come out strongly against divisive forces in the country. However the ink smearing of Engineer Rashid and the Shiv Sena’s protests at the BCCI office in Mumbai today are classic examples of how the President’s words are falling on deaf ears on some people!

PM Modi on RTI

There is no doubt that the Right to Information Act has empowered people by giving them the right to question the system. It has helped exposed several scams. It has helped reduce corruption by making politicians and government officials more accountable. However a majority of the people are yet to understand the potential of RTI. More awareness needs to be created so that more and more people are able to participate in the democratic process.


When the National Judicial Appointments Commission Bill for the appointment of Judges had been introduced, except for one member, it was unanimously passed by both the Houses of Parliament as well as twenty State Assemblies. Prior to the NJAC, three commissions had earlier been constituted under the aegis of a notable Judge to usher in comprehensive Judicial reforms in the country and all of them were of the opinion that the existing Collegium system of appointing Judges needed to be replaced. It was a stunning blow today when the apex court quashed the NJAC as being unconstitutional. The NJAC had garnered overwhelming support even from notable jurists. The Supreme Court’s verdict could well put both the Judiciary and the Government on a warring path in the days to come.

Geeta’s Story

An uncanny resemblance between reel and real! Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijan is but a reflection of Gita’s story. Just as the film showcases the plight of a mute girl who unknowingly strayed into India, Gita a deaf-mute woman inadvertently crossed over to Pakistan 15 years back. Now all efforts are being made to bring Gita back home sometime soon. Credit must be accorded to Sushma Swaraj whose personal intervention has made all this possible.

Writers protest

Returning of awards by some of the country’s literary icons has generated a huge debate in the country. The question is whether it is a manufactured revolt or a genuine act of protest. Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad questioned why were Awards not returned during the Meerut or Bhagalpur riots. Questions have also been raised on why none in Maharashtra returned their awards when rationalist Narendra Dhabolkar was mercilessly killed. Whatever the case may be, writers cannot exhibit political patronage or any leanings…they bring people together with their writings. They are the pathfinders of the society.

India win ODI against South Africa

A splendid innings by Mahendra Singh Dhoni helped India win today’s ODI against South Africa. After six wickets had already fallen, it was the captain who bailed out India thereby silencing his critics who were clamouring for his retirement. For the past few days, questions were being raised on his performance but the captain chose to remain cool and instead led from the front and let his bat do the talking. There were even murmurs of cracks between him and Virat Kohli but the way the team performed today, is proof enough that critics need to weigh their words before they speak.