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Mulayam should be careful while speaking on rape

Mulayam Singh Yadav usually raises questions publicly on the hooliganism of politicians in Uttar Pradesh. He rebukes the political leaders, questions the CM, and for all this he is equally applauded. However, whenever there is a mention of any untoward occurrence in Uttar Pradesh or when his government is accused for some mishappening, the politician says something controversial, which is least expected from him. He is a senior and a reputed leader; he should be careful while speaking on sensitive issues like rape.

Rahul Gandhi behind Modi’s new found love for poor and needy

Rahul did not say anything new in Amethi but he repeated one thing so many times that the effect of the same could be seen on Narendra Modi. If you remember, while giving speech at Red Fort, Narendra Modi mentioned poor and needy people several times. He also talked about labourers and farmers. Even in his speech in Dubai, poor people and labourers remained his focus, so the credit of this change of tone goes to Rahul Gandhi.

OROP: Government should announce a decision soon

One Rank, One Pension will be implemented, this is confirmed. Now, the government has two options – One, that it may take the pension of 2011 as base to implement OROP. This means the pension that an officer who retired in the year 2011 received, will be given to all the officers of that rank. The government has to shell out additional Rs 4000 crore for the same.
Second option is that the pension given in 2013 may be taken as the base. If the government chooses this option then it will be burdened with Rs 8000 crore. We should hope that the government will fulfil its promise, and as said it will take a decision within 10 days. During the given time frame the government should make the announcement otherwise the retired officers will intensify their agitation. We hope that within this time frame there will be some solution to OROP demand.

Allahabad court’s decision is not at all practical

Such suggestions are seen several times on the social networking sites. However, this one suggestion seems to be liked by the court and an order was passed for the officials, which do not seem to be practical at all.

Why Modi’s Bihar package is a smart move

The dates for Assembly elections in Bihar will be announced during the first week of September. Before Diwali, results will be out. Whatever is happening in Bihar these days is only a strategy to influence voters in the coming Assembly elections. Lalu and Nitish made a strategy that they will demand a special package from Modi. If Modi denied, he’ll be accused of being against Bihar. Today Modi played his card and he did that smartly. Now, Lalu and Nitish assert that it is not packaging but re-packaging. Even if the duo continue to say that these development plans were already being implemented, BJP will remind them that they have given a package of Rs 1.25 crores. Voters will also understand this easily. In other words, Modi has won the first round.

India’s Unity in Diversity

The President in his address to the nation today said that there are around 130 crore people in our country who follow 7 different religions, there are 122 languages, 1600 dialects and this diversity is our strength. There is one thing in common amongst this diversity i.e. our tri colour flag. Everyone should respect our national flag. Independence Day is a national festival. Everyone should get together and celebrate. And on behalf IndiaTV and all my colleagues, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Independence Day.

Owaisi and Digvijaya Singh

Both Asaduddin Owaisi and Digvijaya Singh oppose PM Modi. Digvijaya Singh’s words don’t get a mention because there is not depth in his words, it is always out of context. Whereas Owaisi critisizes that too with context. And also supports the opposition whenever it is right.

Ram Vilas Paswan on Bihar Polls

Ram Vilas Paswan’s one major aim is that those who betrayed him and supported CM Nitish Kumar should not be given a ticket to fight the upcoming Bihar polls.

Pakistan on NSA-level talks

Pakistan knows that during the NSA level talks, terrorism issue will be raised. Captured militant Naved’s details will be put forth, information on Hafeez Saeed will be asked for and whereabouts of Dawood Ibrahim will be conveyed. To avoid humiliation, Pakistan will raise Samjhauta Express blast case. But our neighbour has forgotten that along with 42 Pakistanis, 26 Indians also lost their lives in this blast which took place in February 2007. Secondly, Aseemanand might have got bail, but he is still inside jail.

OROP Protest

OROP is a bygone concern which was first raised by the Parliament standing committee in 1992. Sharad Pawar was the then Defence Minister. Many new governments were formed after that, but the issue was not resolved. That is why this issue is now a very complex. Ex-servicemen are waiting for this for the past 23 years. A number of political approaches have been made in this but, the practical implementation of plans still remains a complication. Govt has not been able to find a resolution for the issue in a way that it does not lands them in financial crisis.

It is BJP vs Congress now

Congress thinks that not allowing the Parliament to function will defame the Modi government, they won’t be able to do any work and by levelling allegations against PM Modi will enhance the leadership prospects of Rahul Gandhi. BJP will tell the public that disruptions in Parliament by Congress is a plan to relaunch Rahul Gandhi. People will be told that Congress is blocking the growth story of the country. But all this is short term. If the Parliament has to function, then the two major political parties need a working relationship, talks should be held, which is not on the cards for now.

President’s message on Parliament

President Pranab Mukherjee in his address to the nation today said that Parliament has been converted into an arena of combat rather than debate. No one can oppose this. Everyone will agree but no one will adhere to this. We saw this even today. BJP and Congress continued the blame game. They blamed each other for the disruptions in the Parliament.