Rajat Sharma

Modi-Putin Summit : Proud Moment For India

AKBPrime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday told Russian President Vladimir Putin about his anguish over the death of innocent kids in a Russian missile strike on a children’s hospital inside Ukraine. Modi said, “any person having faith in humanity will feel pain when people, expecially innocent kids die.. the heart bleeds and I spoke about these issues to you yesterday”. In the presence of reporters inside Kremlin, Modi said, “as a friend, I have always told you that peace is essential for our future generations. No solution can be found on the battlefield. Solutions and peace talks will not succeed under the shadow of guns, bombs and bullets. A way for peace must be found through dialogue”. Clearly, Modi underlined the need for an immediate cessation of hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, which have been raging since the last three years. No other world leader, except Modi, ever spoke to Putin on the Ukraine war in these words. Modi also added the issue of terrorism and said, terrorism in any form, in any country, must be opposed by all nations unitedly. “Terrorism is the biggest enemy of humanity”, he added. Modi’s words and his talks with Putin have sent a clear message to the world community, particularly the US and NATO allies. The world was watching what Modi would tell Putin about the Ukraine war, and the Indian prime minister did not mince words while expressing his anguish over the killing of children in the Russian missile strike on a children’s hospital inside Ukraine. The West had expressed unhappiness when Modi decided to meet Putin in Moscow, but the clear manner in which the Indian prime minister conveyed the world’s concerns to the Russian leader has been taken note of by the western media. Putin listened to Modi’s words carefully and replied that Russia appeciates the Indian prime minister’s efforts to end the Ukraine war. During bilateral talks, Russian company Rosatom agreed to set up six nuclear reactors in India, while India agreed to set up two new consulates in Kazan and Yekaterinburg. The Russian President also agreed for immediate repatriation of all Indians recruited in the Russian armed forces, after Modi raised the issue. Modi was conferred Russia’s highest civilian honour Order of St. Andrew the Apostle by Putin. One must understand, it is because of the personal bonding between Modi and Putin that the Indian prime minister bluntly told the Russian leader about what he thought about the death of innocent kids in the Ukraine war. Putin did not leave any stone unturned in showering lavish hospitality on Modi. He invited Modi to a private dinner at his personal dacha near Moscow, and himself drove a cart with Modi. At the main gate, both leaders gave a hug to each other and Putin showed his residence, garden and horse stable to Modi. The world has heard what Modi told Putin about the Ukraine war, but what Putin said to Modi was more interesting. The Russian leader spoke about ‘Modi’s guarantee’. He said, India-Russian releationship is expanding in all directions and the gurantee for this expansion is Modi’s policy. Putin also made another remark about Modi. The Russian leader said, Modi always takes crucial decisions keeping the interests of the Indian people in mind. Putin said, he can never imagine any world power intimidating or pressuring Modi to take decisions against India’s interest. Thirdly, Putin described Modi as an intelligent person, under whose leadership India is making huge progress. One must hear Putin’s words in the context of what Modi told Putin about the Ukraine war. He opposed the war, expressed his anguish over the death of kids in Russian missile strike. Normally, leaders like Putin never hear such words from any world leader in the presence of media, nor does Putin praises any world leader so eloquently. What we saw in Moscow clearly underlines the fact that India is getting well-deserved respect on the world stage, as Modi strengthens his position in the comity of world nations.

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