Rajat Sharma

Why did army first ask Abu Dujana to surrender?

Dujana pic audio tape Listening to the 8-minute long audio of the final telephonic talk between an Indian army major and terrorist Abu Dujana during the last hours of the encounter, one cannot but admire the sincerity and humane side of our army.  The army major tried his best to persuade Abu Dujana to come out and surrender. He implored him by reminding him about his wife and his parents in faraway Gilgit-Baltistan of Pak Occupied Kashmir. The terrorist refused and was killed ultimately along with his associate. India then approached the Pakistan High Commission and offered to hand over his body, but I do not think Pakistan will agree. You may remember when nearly 450 Pakistani soldiers (official estimate) died while fighting the Indian army in Kargil, Pakistan refused to take their bodies. It pointedly refused to accept them as Pakistani soldiers. The audio conversation between Abu Dujana and the army major is a stinging slap in the face of those holier-than-thou human rights activists, who cry murder whenever a terrorist is killed. The audio tape makes it clear that the Indian army always gives the chance to surrender to such outlaws first, asks them to lay down their arms, and when they refuse and begin firing, it retaliates. One cannot expect our army to stand silently when terrorists rain bullets. The army will return fire and will blow up the houses where these terrorists hide.

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