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Who Will Return the Lost Years of Nupur, Rajesh Talwar?

Aaju ki Baat pic 12th OctThe mystery continues. Nobody can surely say who killed Aarushi Talwar. On Thursday, the division bench of Allahabad High Court struck down the trial court’s verdict giving life sentence to Aarushi Talwar’s parents, Rajesh and Nupur, and acquitted the couple. For four long years, the dentist couple suffered incarceration inside Dasna jail. Aarushi cannot return, but who will return the lost four years of Rajesh and Nupur?

We need to ponder over the issue deeply. There was the UP police, SIT, CBI, and yet the murder case could not be solved. The murderer was not caught, nor was the murder weapon traced. And yet the dentist couple had to spend four years in jail. I think there is something badly lacking in our system; in the working of our investigative agencies, in the working of our judicial process. Some people have already started saying , let the lower courts hurry up their legal process, they will get justice only from the higher courts, that is, the High Court or the Supreme Court. We need to correct this perception.

Several leading doctors rang me up to say that on a daily basis, they have to take immediate decisions about their patients and zero in on a course of action. There could be mistakes sometimes, but if a doctor commits a mistake, he has to face litigation in court. Doctors have to go to courts to defend themselves. But judges of lower courts have time on their hands while conducting trials. And yet innocent people end up spending four years behind bars for life. What should be done to improve this situation? Time to ponder.

Returning to Aarushi’s murder, there were no substantial evidences, no witness, no murder weapon, nor any motive. One can easily understand the pain that the Talwar couple must have endured. The pain is more so, because the dentist couple took utmost care of their daughter. On one hand was the pain of losing their daughter, and on the other, the pain of facing infamy of being labelled murderers of their own daughter for nine long years. Maybe the Talwars express their pain now, if they wish, when they come out of jail, but Nupur evocatively expressed her emotions in an interview she gave to Vartika Nanda of Tinka Tinka Foundation in November last year, when the latter visited her in Dasna jail.

Nupur Talwar told Vartika how in the beginning it was difficult for them to accept that they were murderers of their own daughter. The couple used to think why this was happening to them. In the beginning, it was painful for them to pass time inside jail, they always used to think about Aarushi, but then, the couple decided to divert their attention. The dentist couple started treating patients inside jail and Nupur read books and wrote poems.

For the last four years, never once did I ever feel that Rajesh and Nupur were culprits. A father that used to dote on his lovely daughter could never commit the despicable act. I could never accept that a wife could help her husband in committing such a heinous murder. Even the CBI admitted that it had no substantial evidence to nail the two, but the lower court did not accept. It ordered that the closure report be converted into a chargesheet, and sent the couple to jail. Had the relatives of the dentist couple not helped, in hiring lawyers to fight the case, the couple would have spent the remaining years of their lives inside jail.

The main question now is how Nupur and Rajesh will try to re-establish themselves in society, by reopening their clinic and start on a fresh note.

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