Rajat Sharma

Stonepelters in the Valley have no religion

aka_frame_17507On Wednesday, a group of stonepelters stoned a school bus carrying 30 to 40 kids in Shopian, one of the hotbeds of militancy in Kashmir. Two school children were injured, and one of them was referred to Srinagar hospital because of his critical condition.

These are really bad days in the Valley. I can only imagine the pain of the parents who had sent their kids to school. If such incidents happen, every parent in the Valley will fear sending children to school. Stonepelters have no religion. Whenever security forces target militants, these stonepelters appear on the scene and indulge in stonepelting in order to divert the attention of soldiers. This has now become almost standard practice.

Three terrorists were killed in Shopian on Tuesday, and, in retaliation, militants killed three civilians. Their sympathizers pelted stones at a school bus carrying children.

Today I want to ask those who raise the issue of human rights in the defence of stonepelters. How can they defend such an inhuman action? These self-styled advocates of human rights must tell the nation what should be done with the stone pelters who threw stones at children studying in Class Two.

After Wednesday’s stonepelting incident, most of the Kashmiris have started saying that such stonepelters, who defy all canons of human values, have no right to live. By their action, these stonepelters have soiled their hands with the blood of innocent children. Security forces need not handle such stonepelters with a soft approach, but I am worrying about those who will stand up with posters and placards whenever a severe action is taken again stonepelters.

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