Rajat Sharma

Sidhu must understand, he has now become a minister

Navjot Singh Sidhu is not only a politician. He has been quite popular as a cricketer, as a cricket commentator and has achieved fame on TV shows.

Nobody should question if one makes earnings from TV shows through talent and merit, but Sidhu should understand that he is no more an MLA or an MP, he is now a minister in the Punjab government.

He will be getting the salary and allowances given to a minister and he will be getting government accommodation and all other perks. Naturally, the people and the government of Punjab will expect Sidhu to serve the public in the post of a minister.

A minister appearing on TV comedy shows by taking fees will go against established traditions of governance. It may be that Sidhu lacks experience, as he has made his debut as a minister. He should think over it and understand that appearing on shows without charging fees would be better.

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