Rajat Sharma

Rahul Gandhi should have refrained from levelling charges against PM

It was not merely the subject matter of allegations, but the manner in which Rahul Gandhi first created an atmosphere to level charges against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that he has now become the butt of ridicule and jokes.

It was Rahul himself who first said, if I disclose the “personal corruption” charges against Modi, there will be an earthquake, and that “the balloon will soon burst”. But the charges that he levelled against Modi were nothing new.

These charges were already levelled by Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan. That is why nobody has taken Rahul’s charges seriously. It was because of this, that on Thursday, Prime Minister Modi, in Varanasi, joked and joked about Rahul, and deflated Rahul’s balloon.

It would have been better if Rahul had refrained from levelling old charges against the Prime Minister if he had nothing the substantiate the allegations.

Rahul actually depended on some documents which are already before the Supreme Court and the court has observed that these were not sufficient even to order and inquiry.

I am told some senior leaders did advice Rahul to refrain from making such unsubstantiated charges but he did not pay any attention.

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