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People have realized the true meaning of ‘Modi Hai Toh Mumkin Hai’

AKBThe ruling Bharatiya Janata Party celebrated its electoral success in Bihar and other states by holding a thanksgiving event at the party headquarters on Wednesday attended by top leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Addressing his exuberant supporters, Modi unambiguously endorsed Nitish Kumar’s continuance as Bihar chief minister.
Modi said, “we shall try our best to fulfil the promises made to the people of Bihar under the leadership of Nitish ji”. Nitish Kumar will start his sixth term as CM probably after Diwali. Modi thanked the people of Bihar for reposing confidence in the NDA, and gave full credit for the Bihar victory to BJP president Jagat Prakash Nadda. Modi asked supporters to chant the slogan “Nadda Ji aagey badho, hum tumhare saath hain”. He said, the trust reposed by the people of Bihar, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Manipur and other states in BJP is “a big asset” for the party.
The Prime Minister said, “the message from Bihar elections is quite clear: from now on, voters will elect only those who work for the people, they will not elect those who want to merely enjoy the trappings of power but fail to work for the public. ..Gone are the days, when elections in Bihar meant booth capturing, killings and violence. There was peaceful polling in Bihar and there was not a single case of repolling. This is a sign of changing times and it indicates the change that has come in 21st century politics in India”, Modi said.
Modi spoke of how millions of women across India have emerged as “silent voters” for BJP. “They have realized the benefits they have got from direct cash transfer during Covid lockdown, free foodgrains under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Ann Yojana, toilets under Swachh Bharat Yojana, piped water supply under Jal Shakti scheme, and LPG gas under PM Ujjwala Yojana.” He also spoke of how millions of poor Dalits, tribals and other oppressed classes have benefited from the government in the last six years.
Modi also launched a frontal attack on parties which thrive on dynastic politics. “From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you can see a web of parties which are either family enterprises or which are in the control of families. They present a serious threat to democracy. Even parties with a glorious history are in the grip of a family”, he said. He was indirectly referring to the Congress.
The Prime Minister also gave a clear warning to those who were indulging in murders of BJP karyakartas(workers). He did not mention West Bengal by name. “I want to caution those who have murdered our karyakartas, they must read the ominous writings on the wall.”
Modi clearly summed up the secret behind BJP’s success at the electoral hustings. It is the people’s confidence in BJP and its leadership which is the key to success. He outlined the work done by his government during the last six years for social welfare, for giving boost to economy and for ensuring national security. No political leader can now claim that ‘people do not vote for us even if we work for their welfare’. Times have changed.
The manner in which Modi handled the Covid pandemic should act as a shining example. When the pandemic broke in India, the nation was not ready with masks, PPEs (personal protection equipments), Covid testing labs, ICUs and hospital beds. Modi enforced a nationwide lockdown and used this opportunity to order manufacture of masks, PPEs, setting up of testing labs, ICUs and new hospital beds.
For the poor, downtrodden, daily wage earners and women, he transferred money in three tranches of Rs 500 directly to more than 20 crore women Jan Dhan bank accounts during the months of April, May or June, so that the poor must not suffer. He ordered free supply of foodgrains under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Ann Yojana to more than 80 crore people living below the poverty line. Not a single case of starvation was reported during lockdown. Supplying cash and foodgrains to people living in remotest corners across this vast country was not an easy job.
Similarly, Modi delivered when the nation wanted that India must teach a lesson to Pakistan for its terrorist attacks. He also ensured building of toilets and houses, and providing cheap LPG connections, piped water and electricity to poor families. The people of India, specially in Bihar and other states, have shown their gratitude to Modi by voting his party to power.
Modi fulfilled the big promises his party had made, whether abrogating Article 370 in Kashmir or building a Ram temple in Ayodhya. The people of Bihar have put their stamp of approval on Modi’s achievements. People in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Manipur, Gujarat, Telangana and other states have also realized the true meaning of the slogan “Modi hai, toh mumkin hai” (It’s possible if Modi is there).

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