Rajat Sharma

Nawaz Sharif’s betrayal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been clearly betrayed by Nawaz Sharif. The manner in which the Pakistani Prime Minister attended Modi’s swearing-in ceremony and spoke of friendship, the way he further extended his hand of friendship by inviting Modi to Lahore, the promises that he made on jointly tackling terrorism — there was no reason on part of India not to disbelieve his gestures and promises. But, the moment the ground situation changed, with turbulence in Kashmir, Nawaz Sharif changed his tune. For India, it has now become difficult to talk peace with Nawaz Sharif any more. The situation has now come to a point where Prime Minister Modi may not be visiting the forthcoming SAARC Summit in Islamabad, and the summit is bound to fail with Bangladesh and Afghanistan indicating their desire not to attend. On the issue of isolating Pakistan after the Uri attack, there are three options before India – one, to isolate Pakistan diplomatically at world forums, the second option is to carry out a surgical strike on terrorist camps inside Pakistan, but to execute that, adequate intelligence inputs and planning are needed, and this may take time. The third option, according to experts, is to wage all-out war, but one should never forget that Pakistan, too, is a nuclear power, and India may suffer more losses in the event of a full-scale war, because a failed state like Pakistan has not much to lose.

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