Rajat Sharma


While the Italian Court’s Verdict on the Agusta Westland deal may have come out now, it was way back in 2012 that the UPA government had accepted that bribes had been accepted and who the beneficiaries of this deal were. The deal was subsequently cancelled by the then government and a CBI enquiry was finally ordered. Now the Modi Government has also reiterated that corruption has taken place but then this is not something new. The issue of payoffs in this deal is being talked about for the past four years. What people want are the names of those involved. Today the Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar even said that those who are being questioned are simply small fries who happened to wash their hands in a flowing river of corruption and that the government would find out where the river was heading to. While he did assure that this probe will not go the Bofors way, he did not outline any timeframe. It would have been better if Parrikar would have mentioned exactly by when the real culprits will be nailed.

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