Rajat Sharma

Mayawati may get more shocks very soon

On Thursday, when Nasimuddin Siddiqui, one-time confidante of Mayawati and recently expelled from BSP, played out taped audio conversations with his former party supremo, the lady was quick to react. She hastily called a press conference and tried to reject charges that she had asked Siddiqui to give her Rs 50 crores in cash. Siddiqui claims he has taped 150 such conversations. The revelations point out to three important facts: one, in BSP, the only thing that matter is money, two, Mayawati may have publicly alleged EVM tampering for her defeat, she knew that Muslims, other backward castes and a large chunk of Dalits have deserted her, and three, the way in which Mayawati reacted swiftly to Siddiqui’s audio tapes clearly shows that she knows her ex-confidante has many more secrets to reveal. In short, this was just the beginning, and more skeletons are expected to tumble out of the closet. Mayawati is feared by all in her party. She ensures that her leaders do not carry cellphones, pens, watches and diaries, when they meet her, and yet Siddiqui taped her secret conversations. Clearly, Mayawati has reasons to worry.

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