Rajat Sharma

Lt. Ummer Fayaz was a role model for Kashmiri youths

The dastardly manner in which a Kashmiri army officer Lt. Ummer Fayaz, who had come on leave to attend a family wedding in Shopian, was murdered by terrorists, nails the claim of separatists that they are fighting for the rights of Kashmiris. Lt. Fayaz was a Kashmiri youth, who opted for the mainstream, joined the army and was a role model for other youths in his locality. He was unarmed and was off-duty. He was dragged by terrorists from the wedding and then shot multiple times. His bullet-ridden body was recovered the next morning. The question arises: why did terrorists kill this Kashmiri youth? The answer is: Lt. Fayaz, by his shining career, was a source of inspiration for other Kashmiri youths who dream of achieving success by dint of their merit and courage. Terrorists do not want youths in the valley to study and do government jobs. They want them to throw stones, go to jail and get bullets. And on the other hand? The Hizbul chief Syed Salahuddin, sitting in Pakistan and masterminding terror attacks at the behest of his political masters, quietly sends request for visa for his son, so that he can pursue medical studies. Separatists like Salahauddin want their own children to become doctors and professionals, but want other Kashmiri youths to take up the gun. This is double standard on their part, and the gullible people in Kashmir, should wake up to this reality.

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