Rajat Sharma

Kejriwal should clearly say, he wants to become Punjab CM

The cat is finally out of the bag. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal may try his best to hide his ambition, but the reality is that he fervently desires to become the Chief Minister of Punjab. His closest confidante Manish Sisodia inadvertently disclosed this on Tueday to the media, albeit indirectly. Kejriwal had already handed over the reins of Delhi to his Deputy CM several months ago. He had already left Delhi politics and had been concentrating on Punjab affairs, but he is unwilling to publicly announce that he wants to become Punjab CM, because that may cost him votes. It also became clear when he flatly refused to project Navjot Singh Sidhu as CM candidate of his party in Punjab. If Kejriwal finally decides to leave Delhi and go to Punjab, the ultimate beneficiary will be Manish Sisodia, who will take over as Chief Minister. Kejriwal’s former associate and now bitter rival Yogendra Yadav has already said, if Kejriwal wants to become Punjab CM, he should tell this to the people of Delhi and Punjab, and fight elections.

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