Rajat Sharma

Kairana Update

There is no doubt that there has been an exodus in Kairana. People have left their homes due to the disorder and extortion prevalent in that area. While it is also true that the list prepared by BJP MP Hukum Singh has certain discrepancies. Names of many families who have not left Kairana feature in the list prepared by Hukum Singh. It would be completely incorrect to say that people have left owing to communal tensions. People have left owing to extortion threats from criminals in that region. Akhilesh Yadav is naturally peeved since the State’s reputation in terms of the law and order situation under the Sawajwadi rule is known to all. And it is not wrong on his part to be upset especially when he is trying hard to illustrate his Government’s achievements and has been talking about developing the State while some members in his party are trying to derail his efforts.

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