Rajat Sharma

How an ex-serviceman’s suicide issue was mishandled

Heavens would not have fallen had the Delhi police allowed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to meet ex-serviceman Ramkishen Grewal’s relatives in hospital.

The first mistake on the part of Delhi Police was to stop Rahul Gandhi.

The second error by police was to detain the father, son and son-in-law of the deceased ex-serviceman.

The third mistake was improper handling of political protests over the suicide.

All these mistakes compounded and complicated the issue and gave Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders a handle to criticize the government.

By evening, competition broke out between the Congress and Arvind Kejriwal’s party as to who can launch more vicious attacks on the government over One Rank One Pension issue.

As far as Grewal’s suicide is concerned, this matter needs a thorough investigation. It should be probed why Ramkishen Grewal had to commit suicide and what was the actual cause.

Why Ramkishen spoke to his son over phone soon after consuming poison, who were the persons who were with him at the time of suicide, why didn’t they rush him to hospital, why was Ramkishen’s last telephonic conversation recorded.

All these questions need logical answers so that his family can get justice.

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