Rajat Sharma

Fake Godmen are Enemies of Society

Ram Rahim aaj ki baat 22 sep

With billionaire fake godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim cooling his heels inside jail for the next 20 years, and another one, Falahari Baba arrested by Rajasthan police on Saturday in a rape case, the time has now come to awaken the society about the evils of such fake babas.

Fake godmen are enemies of society. These criminals, in the guise of religion, fool gullible people and get themselves photographed with influential political leaders to insulate themselves from the hands of the law. People start fearing these babas, and the babas, in turn, start exploiting them.

Had the brave ex-sadhvis not come forward to expose Gurmeet Singh alias Ram Rahim in court, with the support of a courageous CBI officer, the baba would have continued to rule his vast ill-gotten empire, raping women and getting his opponents killed. With the sentencing of Gurmeet Ram Rahim, people who have been duped and tortured have regained the courage to speak up against the babas. We should now hope that more and more fake godmen, from all religions, are exposed before the people and their real face should be seen by all.

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