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akb full_frame_60183The horrendous killing of a 16-year-old girl Sakshi in Shahbad Dairy locality of Delhi, has shocked the nation. The visuals of the killer stabbing the girl multiple times and then crushing her head with a stone, as people looked on, has created fear in the minds of people. The question that frequently arises is: How can a person become so cruel and merciless? The brutal murder case of Shradha Walker by her live-in partner Aftab Poonawala is yet to reach its conclusion in courts, the killer is yet to be sentenced, and now this fresh incident of brutal murder. The killer Sahil stabbed Sakshi with a knife multiple times and then smashed her head with a stone. For the police, this may be a case of murder, but for the society, at large, this incident can strike fear. Every parent today may be worrying about his or her daughter. They do not know what to do to protect their daughters. Going through details of this diabolical murder can make anybody’s hair stand on end. Firstly, Sahil hid his identity to strike friendship with Sakshi (he wore a ‘kalawa’(red or black thread) that Hindus wear on their wrists); Secondly, Sakshi’s mother knew that her daughter and Sahil were friends, and when she prevented her, she went to her friend’s home to stay (the same happened in the case of Shradha Walker); Thirdly, Sahil stabbed Sakshi multiple times on a street and people watched, doing nothing. Nobody tried to stop him. What type of society are we living in? Didn’t people hear the screams of the daughter? Didn’t people tremble in fear on watching the girl being stabbed not once, but 34 times? This is a matter of grave concern. People must understand that even if one onlooker had shown the courage, Sakshi could have been saved. How can anybody, watching this gory murder, turn a blind eye? People could have at least created a big hue and cry. A crowd could have collected. The killer was alone and there could have been attempts to overpower him. At least the onlookers should have thought, this could have happened to their daughters. Teenagers should learn a lesson: Never stop communication with your parents; Do not hide your confidential matters from your family. Had Sakshi listened to her mother’s advice, had she told her that Sahil was harassing and intimidating him, fad she told her father, he could have done something in time and inform the police. The family would not have seen this day. I have some advice for parents too: Listen to your children. Understand their feelings. Try to persuade them with words of love. Tell them the difference between good and evil. Situation should not arise where children start trusting outsiders instead of their parents. This happened in the case of Sakshi. She trusted her friend instead of her parents, and went to stay with her friend. Since the communication with her family was closed, the killer gained courage and attacked Sakshi, finding her alone. And the most important point: It is the responsibility of police to strike fear in the minds of criminals. Delhi Police must think on those lines. Sakshi will not return, but Delhi Police must ensure the fastest and most stringent punishment for Sahil, so that any criminal may think a hundred times before committing such a heinous crime.


The case of our champion women wrestlers has now become so topsy-turvy, that it could be difficult for anybody to iron out the case. Everybody is responsible to some extent. The most crucial point is: Delhi Police should not have misbehaved with the women wrestlers, who brought glory to our country. They should not have been dragged on the streets. Visuals of police personnel using force on the women wrestlers cause anger. Anybody watching these visuals will definitely have sympathy for these wrestlers, who are seeking justice. If the argument is put forth that the wrestlers tried to march towards Parliament without seeking police permission, that they broke the law, and police had to stop them, the question arises: Was use of force necessary in such a situation? The biggest culprit is the Wrestling Federation of India chief, and the villain of the piece, Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. His statements were irking and taunting for the players. He must stop making such remarks immediately, and prevent the matter from being tangled further. Even the Sports Ministry has committed mistake by allowing the matter to drag on. What was the compulsion that the case could not be resolved in time? To say today that the players are now caught in a political game, is useless. These players had been keeping politicians away from their sit-in at Jantar Mantar since the beginning. Why was their protest allowed to go into the hands of politicians? No problem can be solved by using police force or by forcibly removing the tents of protesters. One must understand that in the eyes of people, Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh is a ‘bahubali’ politician, having no credibility. On the other hand, we have our women wrestlers, our brave daughters, champions, who brought glory to our country by winning medals. The common man’s sympathy is with the female wrestlers.

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