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Pakistan is totally confused over how to deal with PM Modi

akbOn Wednesday, the spokesperson of Pakistan Army, Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor called a press conference to declare that his country will fight for Kashmir “until our last soldier, last bullet and last breath”. Clearly, it was an exercise in jingoism to boost the sagging morale of separatists who never expected that peace would descend on the Valley despite revocation of Article 370.

The Pakistani army spokesperson also said: “How can you even consider that we will reach a deal on Kashmir? Any deal on Kashmir will be on our dead bodies….We want to tell India that wars are not only fought with weapons and economy but with patriotism.”

In the last one month since the revocation of Article 370, the statements emanating from the Pakistani’s Prime Minister, his ministers and the army, clearly indicate that there is total confusion both in their army and the civilian government. Nobody in Pakistan knows how to tackle an astute statesman like Prime Minister Narendra Modi who can always spring surprises.

As of now, Pakistan is unsure about what next step to take. The world did not come out in support of Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. Most of the countries have clearly told Pakistan that Kashmir situation is an internal issue of India.

That is why the leaders in Pakistan are talking in different tunes at different points of time. Sometimes they speak about war, sometimes their Prime Minister speaks about peace and fighting poverty, and sometimes some other person speaks about fighting India ‘to the last bullet and last soldier till the last breath’.

The picture is clear. Both the civilian and military leaderships in Pakistan are now confused, and apprehensive.

Pakistan’s economy presents a dismal picture, and it does not have the wherewithal to fight a long war. The only step it can take, and has been taking, is: push terrorists inside India. Two Pakistani terrorists have been caught by our army in Kashmir recently and they revealed on Wednesday how they were trained in Pak Occupied Kashmir and sent across the Line of Control.

Now that Pakistan has lost the diplomatic battle in the world capitals and at the UN headquarters, it has now asked its spy agency, ISI, to send trouble makers to world capitals like London, New York and other cities to organize violent demonstrations outside Indian embassies.

The Indian High Commission in London was attacked by Pakistani stone pelters twice, and India has asked the British authorities to take action. Such juvenile actions will ultimately be detrimental towards the interests of Pakistan.

The former US Defense Secretary James Mattis, a retired Marine Corps general, has written in his latest book “Call Sign Chaos” that ‘Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world’.

Mattis has warned: “We can’t have the fastest-growing nuclear arsenal in the world falling into the hands of terrorists breeding in their midst.”

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