Rajat Sharma

Why did the assassin carry out such a massacre in Las Vegas?

aaj ki baat 2nd OctOn Monday, almost everybody had this question: why did a 64-year-old American carry out the bloody massacre in Las Vegas? As federal investigators rummage through his residence and try to find out clues, nothing concrete has come out. It has been reported that he carried 28 guns to the 32nd-floor hotel room, along with thousands of bullets. He had been planning this for several days. He had placed two tripods to spray bullets from his guns on the crowd below. Normally, there may be three main reasons behind his motive: One, it could be because of terror leanings. Though the ISIS has taken responsibility and has claimed that the assassin converted to Islam several months ago, anything concrete is yet to emerge. Two, bipolar mental disorder, but there was no such background related to this killer. Three, immediate provocation. Unconfirmed reports say, he had a female companion with him. It could be that they had a quarrel with some people, and the assassin may have made up his mind to kill all. Yet nothing concrete has emerged on this front too. The horrible massacre raises questions about the dangers that emanate from the easy availability of guns in the US.

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